Minecraft 2 beta released, join Minecraft 2 beta test now!

Minecraft 2 beta released, join Minecraft 2 beta test now!

Minecraft 2 beta

Minecraft 2

Hooray! Hooray! All fans of the great game Minecraft can finally scream with delight, because after so much time out unique and just a great game Minecraft 2 beta was released!
Mojang along with the company GameMePlease officially opened Minecraft 2 beta servers to open free beta test, in which can take part every single fan of the game Minecraft until the server will not completely filled with the other players! So I think you should hurry up! At the bottom, we have published a link with access to the Minecraft 2 beta servers! And now let us tell you a little about the game itself (Minecraft 2 beta), because you so want to know what’s new and exciting will be waiting for you there!

First of all, on the new beta servers of Minecraft 2 were added about 50 new very interesting variety of materials such as Apfiz, Astle, bleeding dust, poison ivy, gipolam, metalplast, fiery sand, tin whistle and many other unique materials that you can find in the game! !
Secondly on the beta servers of Minecraft 2 were added special “Marks” on a permanent basis and two additional spells to help your character develop faster and to make the whole process unique! Now you can make your characters even more nice looking, which makes the gameplay very beautiful and unforgettable!

Minecraft 2 beta
Third has been completely redesigned all the exciting gameplay of the Minecraft 2 beta and now on powerful servers of Minecraft 2 beta was added level of the characters which will be completely preserved, regardless on which server you will play, and you’ll always know exactly with whom you are playing now, with young beginner or a real Advanced Minecraft god!
Were added new funny pets, such as different horses, and now pets have the emotions, horses can become black and fiery devil incarnate or white light Pegasus! Also was added friendly Pink Wither which is attracted to sugar, restores health to all surrounding mobs, and applies bone meal to all eligible neighboring blocks!
Minecraft 2 beta
On the New Servers of Minecraft 2 beta was added huge amount of new squitter locations, unforgettable places and just very beautiful spaces and on each of them are waiting for you amazing adventure, fights and of course – resources, resources, resources!
Minecraft 2 beta Minecraft 2 beta Minecraft 2 beta
Now in Minecraft 2 beta melting stoves can now simply be burned or even EXPLODE !!
Also in the servers Minecraft 2 beta was added event of “Super Hostile Mode”!
Every 20 minutes will be shower of lightning bolts around the player and falling of fireballs, these spawns include not only heavily armed and armored zombies and skeletons, and multiple charged creepers, but even the occasional Blaze and other unexpected monsters! Many mobs over their heads will have different bonuses such as speed or strength. After the end of the spawn mobs simply disappear, but be very careful! Now Minecraft 2 – is completely filled with all what we can only imagine and now it will make you grind all day, and it will not be boring, but very exciting!

Minecraft 2 beta

Minecraft 2 beta became a whole-developed an unique system in which you will find a lot of new, difficult and unforgettable! So find a mate and be ready to go into the new long journey in the universe of Minecraft 2 beta!

It will be a mistake to show you all the futures that have been made on the servers of Minecraft 2 beta, so just connect to open beta test by yourself and see all with your own eyes! The only way to truly appreciate all the charm and paint of the best perfect revolutionary part of the game Minecraft 2 is to join and play with all gamers over the world now!

And here we come to the most important question – “How do I get access to the beta test of Minecraft 2?”
Below is LINK to OPEN BETA registration to our free-to-play servers of Minecraft 2 beta. Participation in the open beta test of Minecraft 2 is ofcourse completely free and after 3 minutes you will be able to plunge into the exciting world of Minecraft 2! Stop loosing time – we are waiting for you! Connect to our servers of Minecraft beta 2 now and have fun!


LINK: http://hacktoolgenerator.com/minecraft-2-beta-test/


Have fun!


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  1. JeremySho says:

    I was waiting so long for it!!!!

  2. BulkMiner says:

    Logged in 2 minutes ago!!! SO CRAZY STUFF!!

  3. MiroSaol says:

    I am so happy now!!! So glad to see this amazing stuff!!!

  4. DarkSeal says:

    Big thanks to gamemeplease for this surprise!! Will back in 3 minutes, while game is installing and updating

  5. SpooroGamer says:

    Yeah!! Lets look at this stuff, will forget about Witcher for some months lol 😀

  6. Stealthy says:

    It is my favourite site!!! I am so glad that I find it!

  7. Creampie says:

    Griiiiiiiindiiiiing!!!! I am waiting, all new players at start location lol

  8. GreyStump says:

    Guys, wait me!!!

  9. Feeder says:

    So great news MF!!! SO GREAT NEWS!!!

  10. Roller says:

    Thank you for the great new game guys!

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