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Ask.fm Tracker

Ask.fm anonymous finder, is a tool designed to help distressed users in acquiring the Username and IP Address of anonymous questions. This tool works on all operating systems! We work hard to prevent the cyber bullying that goes on at Ask.fm!

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We know how much you love Ask.Fm. It’s such a fun place. You can talk to other users and anyone can ask anything they want and get answers from all over the world. It’s easy to see why Ask.Fm is one of the hottest services around and why it seems like the entire world is on Ask.Fm.

Ask.Fm is a great service with many positive features. We all like talking to strangers, that’s the entire point of internet chatting and online discussion forums. Ask.Fm takes these great things and consolidates them into a single site where the operation is a simple ask and answer format.

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Sometimes you might have problems when you’re on Ask.Fm. The biggest issue on Ask.Fm is also its greatest asset, the other people. Sometimes people are just jerks, and that’s the simple truth. The more anonymous they are, the more unpleasant they are. By unmasking them we can eliminate the worst of their behavior. There are few things worse than being bothered by a stranger who is hiding behind their keyboard. These people are prepared to be obnoxious and unpleasant and don’t care how their words affect the people that they are talking to. When you are suffering because of people online, you just want to make it stop. We can help!

Our service fixes these problems by tracking down the people you hate. We can find anyone that is on Ask.Fm. It’s not hard for us to do it, and we can give you the username and IP address of any Ask.Fm user so you can find them. If you wish you acquire your tool please visit our Download page! This information will let you find them in their real lives so you can talk to them and get them to stop bothering you. We provide a few web pages that help you find information about the User! Please Click Here to view them!

Anywhere in the world that you are, we can find the people that cause you problems. We can find your harasser no matter what part of the world they call home and no matter how close or far away they are from you. We work across all operating systems and no one can escape our search tools.

We will keep your information completely safe. The last thing you want when you are stripping people of their anonymity is for you to be exposed yourself. We promise that you will never be identified because we will protect you every step of the way.

All the benefits of Ask.Fm with none of the issues is our promise to you. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that you can find the people that are making it hard for you to use one of your favorite sites. We can make Ask.Fm fun for you again, fast, cheap and easy.

If you are having difficulties understanding how our tool works, feel free to watch the Tutorial video that will give you precise instructions!

How to download The Ask.fm Anonymous Tracker

If you incur problems during the download of our program, it may be due to the region in which you live. Click the link below to visit our alternative site.
Visit our alternative website!


The program is available to all users, free of charge. and can be easily obtained by following the tutorial on the download page...

Ask.fm ip Address Tracker

As a tracker was in high demand from users, our great research team/programmers worked endlessly to create this amazing tool.


No fees are required for the use of our program, however a small survey will have to be completed - these may vary in difficulty and help can be provided from friends or family.


Our latest program now also includes an updater which instantly installs the latest updates, keeping users safe to use the product! So feel free to use this Program without fear!

Ask fm Ip Address Tracker

With the Ask.fm Anonymous finder, you can show your friends that you can track questions! Enter the URL of the question and press the "Track" button to track.

Features of the Program

- Track anonymous questions!
- Modern design for intuitive use.
- Share impressing results on Facebook.
- Stay anonymous during usage.


This was created for entertainment purposes only this app is not affiliated with Ask.fm or its creator.


All pictures and other aspects of this application are trademarked and owned by their respective owners.