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Bitcoin – is famous, innovative payment system, which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and also was released as open source software in 2009! The system is bases on peer-to-peer system (as torrents), so users can get immediately their transactions, with out any chance to call them back by anybody! All coins are generating as a prize for payments which network is processing by using computing power of users and recording those payments and work to the blockchain network
This action is called – mining and miners, are people who get reward with newly created free bitcoin and with transaction fee of network.
Bitcoin as global payment system is growing from day to day and more services and shops start to use Bitcoin everywhere! Our company want to show you our free bitcoin generator ( free bitcoin mining system ) , with help of which you will know littlebit more about bitcoin and get free bitcoin by your own for free! Our free bitcoin generator is using very powerful ASIC software, which is generating a lot of free bitcoins everyday, so you can check this offer with the link below and to try to generate your first free bitcoin online absolutely without any software downloading or sms payments! Please check our free bitcoin generator and touch one of the most innovative payment systems in the world by your own hands! We hope, now you know littlebit more about bitcoin and have some free bitcoins to test that great payment system!

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