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Bing rewards bot

We think that you are already actively participating in the awesome rewards program that was launched by the Bing search engine where you can find a lot of amazing rewards for you. If you are not aware of it then it is worth taking a look at it. The program is really awesome but the only one big problem is that not all people are possible to do searches all the time. There are a lot of moments in your life when you get terribly busy and there are other times you probably just forget. Or there are times you are not able to do enough searches to qualify for the rewards. More so now when you require a high number of searches (20 on mobile and 30 on desktop) to qualify. The most interesting news is that you do not need to worry anymore because now there is an ideal solution within your grasp that you can have right away. A lot of our followers were asking us about this great tool and we made this release special for them – now you can take a look and try for free this amazing Bing rewards bot! Bing rewards bot will search on Bing mobile and desktop automatically. All you have to do is download Bing rewards bot and then look how it does all the work for you. There is no limit to the number of Bing accounts you can launch and use with this application. Just manage all your accounts and start searching with Bing rewards bot right away. Bing rewards bot is solution of all your problems! And it is free! Bing rewards bot uses HTML DOM element objects, visual studio web browser functions as well as header modifications to log in, search mobile and desktop, and then log out. It is so easy to set up and use our Bing rewards bot. Another big advantage with this tool is that it has numerous customization features including maximum searches for desktop and mobile , you are also able to customize the speed at which searches will start, set the starting as well as the closing to automatic amongst many others. You are able to add your own words to the Bing rewards bot selection of words query. And you will not believe this but it is 100% free to use and is in fact we made this tool open source. Under you will find step by step tutorial how to use Bing rewards bot and also you will be able to download it for free after tutorial in “Download/Try it for free” section by clicking “Try it for free” button! Enjoy our Bing rewards bot!

Bing rewards bot

1)Bing rewards bot will do all job for you in auto mode!
2)Very easy to use!
3)You can run any amount of Bots for any amount of Bing accounts!
4)Proxy support!
5)100% working tool guarantee!

Bing rewards bot

1)download Bing rewards bot!
2)Install and open Bing rewards bot with double click!
3)You need to modify accounts .txt to your Windows Live accounts. You can then change words.txt to whatever words you want to be used to search on Bing.
4)Press “Start” button and enjoy all the power of Bing rewards bot!

Bing rewards bot


Bing rewards bot


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